Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sample pages for kathpencil book series

sorry for writing in english, dont know yet how to write in bengali..

sample of two new books
Rajkonya o shuk
by durrat and deep

golpobaj pakhira
by tumpa


Samik ' said...


Can I just share this wonderful short animation came out from Pixure few moths ago called 'night and day' - very interesting. None of the Hollywood production has this level of thoughts before. The nailed it with bit of entrainment. Nice one. Share it with others.



সাদাচোখ said...

You can write Bangla easily by using Avro. It is very easy to use. Even you don't need to memorize Bangla keyboard layout. It is known as Phonetic Bangla writing system. You will type in English (as like sms writing) and this software will make that Bangla .

Download it from following link.

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